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To save time this link has been added in and you never know you may recognise a missing loved one.

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The Blue Cross Animal Hospital At Victoria

I have to add in a link to the Blue Cross as without their support, I do not know how I may have managed Stanley's illnesses. They save many animals under extreme funding issues as they are completely donation based. If you want to donate, you can go to their website below. It is hard to come by vet support at a low cost currently in London. There are various charities that can support or at least direct you to the right place.

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I would like to take the opportunity to thanks the angels at DBARC and the wonderful work of Author, Blogger and Campaigner Janetta Harvey & Co. If you do not already know their work please take a look. Schnauzerfest are fighting to STOP THE CRUEL WICKED ILLEGAL PUPPY TRADE... and they do this proudly wearing orange. My Stan cannot attend anymore, we only managed one but his blindness and the scent of all those buddies in one place is too much for his Cushing's symptoms , sadly. The work intends to stop all of this horrific trade and it is not specific to breed. However, us Schnauzer lovers and owners will tell you they really are half human... Sadly, like us some never get over the trauma no matter how hard they are loved.

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