Schnauzer & Co.

Hello and welcome to our website,

My name is Lisa and this Schnauzer on the right is Stanley. Stanley is a blind dog with Diabetes and Cushings but remains the leader of the pack albeit from behind now as he is getting on a bit but he just loves company and has been working with me for the past 10 years one way or another so what else could we be called!
Schnauzer & Co offers a range of Pet Care Services and I have 10 years of personal and professional experience caring for dogs.
Our dog walking company makes a difference to people with learning disabilities who want to work with dogs and we do this through employment and this is explained in further detail `` In the difference we make``.
I work and have worked with a range of dogs, breeds & size from a Chihuahua to a Leonberger and all sorts in-between. I can also cater for your pet if 1-1 is more suitable, senior years so shorter walks or disability Blind Dogs/ dogs with mobility strains and if medication is required. I also enjoy a good run around with higher energy pups too.
I usually do three walks a day in Hampstead Heath, Coldfall and HIghgate woods. Due to Covid 19, I am currently avoiding busy spots and times as much as possible.
Through my time of working with dogs alongside my career as a human foster carer, I ensure I get to know your dogs as well as I possibly can, my outcomes have and continue to bring positive feedback and happy, well-exercised dogs. I have picked up many tips along the way and worked with trainers to overcome issues.
Testimonies can be found below.
I guarantee you will be getting a professional, attentive dog lover. I am someone who thinks dogs are just wonderful companions and treat them with the respect and kindness I would expect for myself and my precious Stanley.
Please get in touch if you have any questions,

Senior and medical care

Senior dogs needs may vary from that of their younger counterparts at times and Schnauzer and Co can help to ensure those needs are met when required. Shorter walks, light rambles or 1-1 if the need arises. This service can be discussed further and adapted to your dog's changing needs. Senior dogs will not be matched with high energy dogs unless of course, they want to be and can keep up. I am blessed to have a nearly qualified veterinary nurse daughter who passes on valuable advice and some of her closest colleagues are, of course, Vets. I have experience in a range of medical conditions in Cats and Dogs including insulin injections.

Pets medical / special requirements will be discussed in detail at our first meeting. Owners will be informed if I have any worries about the health of their pet and all emergency procedures will be in place prior to the first walk or visit. There is some interesting research around CBD oil for Pets, I have added in a link on the community page. I know one of the old collies I know started to feel loads better... 🙂

How do we make a difference?

Schnauzer & Co are proud to be working alongside AFK (previously known as My AFK), they support young adults into employment and S & Co are doing this by offering at least one paid dog walk per week to two young men. This has been going very well and we have been asked to employ another and this will be funded through the business prior to our funding application. In practical terms, this means your dog will be walked with two walkers depending on your chosen walk time. The young people love animals and have shown this in their last few working weeks. They are committed to expanding their knowledge of animal care.

Therefore, by using us your dog will be part of offering a young person an opportunity to widen their experience with animals and to be in a non-judgemental environment to try and ensure as much confidence building as possible along with social skills. All young people will be working alongside me and I share my knowledge to date. I have just applied for my company to be registered as a community interest company and hope to be successful with my application.

I have also had an enquiry about supporting young people with some desensitization around fear of animals and taking a younger child on a walk with dogs as this is something they just love to do, therefore, the scope for having our dogs support young people with disabilities is great. This is how using Schnauzer and Co will continue to make a small difference within the scope of the company. By working alongside AFK, I personally, hope to offer young people skills in all the things that are important when taking care of animals such as time-keeping, reliability, respect for each animal and their traits and what an important role it is taking care of someones loved pet.

The business also funds the care of Amber the English Bulldog, her owner approached me after failing health and the fact I complained to him about her size after bumping into them on my street!. Amber was sold via an online platform after she had obviously bred all they could from her, sold for £400 and dropped off at a train station belonging to no one ( unchipped), until recently. Amber needed to go to the vets, she had not been spayed, was very overweight and has the start of arthritis at the young age of 6. Amber also required medical treatment for her eyes and I am pleased to say that they are much better than they were and she has lost over 2 kilos, is spayed and chipped. This is where we have stepped in and Amber is walked daily and collected and dropped off during the day.
Amber and her owner remain together and she is just a lovely Old English Bulldog whose smile melts my heart! And the daily slobbery kisses, of course.
This would not be possible without my to date loyal clients and prospective new ones so thank you.

Doing our bit!

I was blessed to work alongside a lovely young Spanish spokesperson for the War on Plastics in her local area and recently attended a Labour Party meeting for N2 who are supporting a campaign to become the first plastic-free borough. My daughter also told me about a colleague going out of her way to try and recycle cat and dog food sachets and trays. I had met someone the previous year at a street festival who was also trying numerous ways to ensure the recycling of these products. I was pleased to find out that Cats Protection have partnered up with Terra Cycle and can accept these items for recycling.

Therefore, we will remove and wash out all pet food sachets during house sitting visits. For our dog clients, I am happy to take these away for you and even wash them so that we can do our little bit.

The Law and availability

Some owners may not be aware but new licensing laws exist around the care of dogs that came into force in Oct 2018. This means that dogs should be boarded in premises that have a license, this rule also includes daycare. As I live in rented accommodation, this means that I am unable to obtain the local authority license for boarding. I am able to house sit in your home which does mean your dogs routine is changed less and they remain somewhere they feel safe and comfortable and all staff entering your property will have an up to date police check. I offer the opportunity for your dog to spend most of a day with us. This service includes at least two one hour walks with rest in-between. We frequent local cafes and pubs happy to have dogs and rest in-between travel.
I have good recommendations for boarding and work in partnership with
The local Authority can give you a list of local licensed businesses.